Burn subtitles from MKV to AVI to 3GP 

INPUT: Embedded vobsub in MKV container (h264/AAC)
OUTPUT: Hardcoded “burned-in” subs in AVI container

The Input = movie_x264_aac.MKV from DVD by OGMRip ver. 0.13.2  or K9Copy then OGMRip* (note below)
Output = movie_libavcodec_mp3lame.AVI by mencoder/ffmpeg, thusly:

The easiest way is to navigate to the folder where your input file is saved, then open a terminal. If you already followed the guide here, then your life will be simple.guide link

You can also change the input option in the command below, to explicitly point to the location of the input file and output file in the commands below, eg “~/Videos/DVD_T1 – multisubs – x264 aac.mkv” (include the “commas if there are spaces in the file name”). In this case, it would not matter where your terminal is active.

If you have the script installed now, open a terminal and enter this (this assume you have installed the software in my Post-install guide)..

mencoder ‘DVD_T1 – multisubs – x264 aac.mkv’ -slang kor -spualign 2 -subpos 96 -o DVD_T1_KOR.avi -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc -lavcopts vbitrate=700

Now you can convert the movie.hardcoded.subs_lang.AVI to a 3GP. I use ffmpeg which is ver y easy and allows one to cue the jobs right away. I was able to get fully AAC enable ffmpeg with ease in Mandriva 2010.0. Check my December 2009 post-install part 3. Make sure you have those essential packages, and then install the correct WinFF.rpm. Try rpmfind. Just make sure you have the package that fits your installation/architecture the best eg. winff-1.1.1-1mdv2010.1.i586.rpm or “x86_64”

I found these links and others useful in solving this problem…
Ubuntu Forum – Burning subs (forum link)
Taiabati Linux Goodies (read more)
Check out my.del.icio.us bookmarks with the tag mencoder

*OGMRip User Manual (user manual link) and Sourceforge.net (support link)

OGMRip snapshot

OGMRip User Manual Snapshot

When using OGMRip, to avert the indefinite stalling during encoding (user issue note), unchecked the Automatic Compressibility Check (the last pane of the GUI, before hitting “Extract”). I found a ‘log file’ in my rip data folder that grew to a ridiculous size as a result of this stalling. b-frames and automatic compressibility was recently included into the software and may not work reliably. We await OGMRip version 0.13.3 for fixes.

As an example, my custom profile settings in OGMRip are::
Ctrl+f to open “Edit Profiles” pane
Select “PC, Low Quality” and “Copy”
Select Copy of PC, Low Quality and “Edit”
General tab – Format, MKV & FourCC, FFMpeg
Video tab – Codec, X264 & Quality, Normal
Audio tab – AAC & 24000Hz
Subtitles tab – Codec, VobSub

You can Rename this profile to
Custom PC, Low Quality
1-pass, 1x700MB (MKV + x264 + AAC)