Part 1, Post-install Mandriva::2010 Network Settings 

Network settings

Automatic connection (WIRED)

Find the double blue monitor icon by default, on the top right of your GNOME desktop and left click once..

Or go to System > Administration > Configure your Computer > [root password] > Network and Internet > Network Center >.

The Network Center window will reveal one or more lines named “Wired (Ethernet) eth0” “Wireless (Wi-Fi) wlan0” and the hardware manufacture name. Hit the small drop down arrow (small arrow on the left of the Name of the connection) and then ‘configure’.

The next window is named “Network Settings” Scroll down till you see Get DNS servers from DHCP. This will be checked (see screenshot below).

You should UNCHECK this and then enter the DNS servers of your choice…

OpenDNS servers
DNS server 1:
DNS server 2:
Hit ‘ok’ then Quit

Reboot to start the network with Open DNS


Same as for wired but look carefully by scrolling right down the Network Settings window until you see “Get DNS servers from DHCP”.

Manual Connection (WIRED)
You will need the IP from your network admin or from your ISP
Click on Netmask and the proper entry appears automagically
Do the same with Gateway.
Enter DNS server 1 and 2 as above.

Go to

You should receive a “Welcome to OpenDNS” message
If you get an “oops” message, then revisit the steps above, check if you have the correct IP data and Netmask and Gateway from your ISP.

Google Public DNS (link)

As of December 4th 2009, Google is testing a public domain name server. You can enter these values instead of the OpenDNS ones if you like. I have not tested these and I would be dubious concerning privacy issues with Google. The company has been known to cooperate with government censorship lobbies as well, so the OpenDNS option is good for me. Google’s servers are as follows. (link, OpenDNS vs Google)

DNS Server 1:

DNS Server 2:

Restricted sites

Those of you who find you are being prevented from visiting  some sites will be keen to try the OpenDNS routine. Restricted sites like facebook (in Vietnam and China) and you tube (China) do however engage in activities that compromise users’ privacy, so i would follow the persuasion of your public authorities, and refrain from using these sites for anything other than entertainment purposes. It is not illegal for you to visit the site as far as I know. Just be careful of being monitored by the site owners.

If you still experience problems, see the discussion here at Mandriva and the Google people were nice to post something to help us too