VOIP – Ekiga.net Diamondcard.us Twinkle and Qutecom

Many of us cannot use Skype for whatever reason. Ekiga is quite buggy at present, as it doesn’t work well with pulseaudio. In fact, I fail to connect to other Ekiga.net users using Ekiga so I use Twinkle on Mandriva 2010, to get access to Ekiga.net for PC to PC calls and messaging. I also have my diamondcard.us account linked to Twinkle to call land and mobile phones very cheaply.

I am aware that Linphone will give me video capability, but I haven’t set that up as yet. Watch this space. Linphone is in the repos (Mandriva) in case you wish to try it out – just remember that you must disable IPV6 in your network settings and reboot, or Linphone will not work.

Coming to Qutecom – I think Qutecom is a great program, as it is cross platform and links with so many other IM services as well as Ekiga and Diamondcard.us. The problem is there is no rpm for my mandriva 2010. I am sure this is a project worth tackling in the coming weeks. For now, Here is a link for those of you who can install Qutecom… How to set it up with diamondcard.us

Snapshots to help you configure Qutecom with diamondcard.us

I haven’t got access to Qutecom at the moment so I can’t give you specifics about setting Ekiga.net to Qutecom.

Ekiga.net on my Twinkle (Qutecom will be similar)
Register with Ekiga and then you have username and password (check your email)
Install Twinkle from repos (Linux only)
Open twinkle (first time) and follow the wizard to set up a profile for yourself.. call it name.ekiga for example. You can access the new profile feature later by Alt F – C – Alt N – enter name.ekiga – enter (OK)

User Profile window of Twinkle
Sidebar – USER
Alt Y – (Your name) First Lastname
Alt U – (Username) ekiganame (check you email ekiga.net for a sip account)
Alt D – (Domain) – ekiga.net
Alt R – (Realm) – ekiga.net
Alt n – (Authentication name) – ekiganame (check email)
Alt p – check your email for this (ekiga password check email)
Sidebar – SIP Server
Alt R – (Registrar) – ekiga.net
Sidebar – Transport/NAT
Alt S (Use STUN) – stun.ekiga.net
Alt O (OK)
Add Buddy to Buddy List
Highlight your user profile in the sidebar marked as “Buddy List”
Right mouse click – Add Buddy
enter buddy’s name like this
Name – Friend Real Name
Phone – sip:friendsekiganame@ekiga.net

Diamondcard Profile in Twinkle

(sorry still incomplete – I have some errands to run today – tara’s birthday tomorrow :-).. pls comment me and I will get back asap